Documentary photography exhibition – RADA

Moldox Festival will surprise guests with an exhibition of documentary photography “RADA” which shows the life of Inna and her three children who left Lugansk in 2014 when the war started in eastern Ukraine. They found a new home in the west of the country, in the Carpathians.

Exhibition launch: 9 September, 16:30, at the Palace of Culture “Nicolae Botgros” in Cahul. The opening of the exhibition will be followed by a Q&A session with its author.

“RADA” is the story that, at first glance, reveals the fate of Ukrainian refugees.  The mountains managed to hide the family from bullets and destruction, they lived there for a long time safely.

Does it not seem like the end of the story?  After all, the main thing happened – the children are now far from the war.  But the war is not the main thing in their story.

Mikhail Kalarashan is a documentary photographer from Chisinau, who has dedicated himself to the history of Inna and her three children for four years.  Thousands of kilometers by train and bus took him to Rakhiv, the city where the family took refuge.  Their fate became the center of observation in his lenses.

Inna, unlike what she had experienced, did not look back in fear, she did not allow the war to become the main event in her family’s life.  Her daughters and son were able to live their childhood. Mikhail erased the distance and subtly transmitted the mother’s love for children, for life, her strength and calm, and her gratitude for what she is now.  The war changed their fate but stronger than war is a human with inner peace.

“Sometimes a person goes through a serious crisis in his life, to understand important things.  What people think is very secure- your house, your land – in fact, everything can burst like a soap bubble one day. Relationships can end at some point, and not in the way you would like.  We rely on very shaky and changeable things. What is important is not what happens to us, not that my children and I are refugees, but how we treat that.  At one point, I realized that there is no victim and no aggressor.  There is only life and you have to look at it directly without illusions or judgments ”, says Inna.