About the festival

Our goal

Moldox International Documentary Film Festival for Social Change aims to contribute to a better society through the documentary film that invites the public to reflect on current issues and to identify solutions.

Our team

Maxim Cîrlan

Festival Director

Carl Pontus Hjorthen
Carl Pontus Hjorthen

Associate Director & Curator

Valeria Beregoi

Financial Administator

Arcadie Plăcintă

Technical Assistant

Vasile Ernu


Andrei Hamitevici

Guest Office Manager

Ana Gurdiș

PR & Communications

Elvira Drangoi

Community Manager

Mihail Calarașan


Vasiluța Vasilache


Ecaterina Iaschevici

Video Editor

Natalia Andronachi

Participants Coordinator

Călin Laur

Participants Coordinator