The Future of Memory – MOLDOX in partnerships

MOLDOX has become a partner of a nomad exhibition about the Holocaust which will take place in many cities from Romania, and in Chișinău. In our capital it will be held between  25 – 30 July, 2017.

Download here the program of the events brosura-final-viitorul-memoriei ”The Future of Memory” is a multi-city Holocaust remembrance platform curated by Olga Stefan and organized by Quantic Association in partnership with: Macaz, Cinemateca Romana, Caminul Moses Rosen, Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat, Casa Tranzit, Cinema Arta, Universitatea de Arta Oradea, Universitatea de Arta Iasi, Vector, Oberliht, Spalatoria, MOLDOX Festival, Kedem.


The Future of Memory is a national platform of cultural and artistic projects organized in various cities of Romania where pogroms or deportations took place, as well as a website that becomes a centralized archive of all the material produced for these exhibitions and future undertakings.

The mission of this project is to raise awareness in the public about the country’s and individual cities’ past, reactivating memory through contemporary art and media, connecting the past to the present, documenting the last witnesses, personalizing history through oral narratives, creating connections between people and opening up public spaces for debate and mutual understanding. The project also functions as a model for developing a national consciousness through action, where local partners undertake the responsibility of addressing their cities’ past through art and culture, thereby combating increasing nationalism, antisemitism, and ethnic hatred while connecting with each other through shared preoccupations. In essence The Future of Memory becomes a struggle against forgetting and becomes a public repository of memories.

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