MOLDOX Countryside coming soon!

While working for the application process for the next year, MOLDOX Festival team is implementing also on building partnerships and in expanding its activities. One of the activities is the “MOLDOX Countryside” project, called in Romanian “MOLDOX LA ȚARĂ”, that will happen in cooperation with Peace Corps from Moldova, and aims to promote all year long the social documentary cinema by organizing screenings throughout the countryside of South Moldova.

End of March, 6 films that were screened at MOLDOX will be screened in Vădeni, Soroca. On this project. More posts and more information will come soon.

MOLDOX COUNTRYSIDE PROJECT will organize film screenings in the most off-the-beaten-track villages of the Cahul region. In the days of the USSR, almost every village had a Casa de Cultura, a cultural gathering spot for the local community members. Currently, MOLDOX wants to build on the old and move forward, to bring cinema to every corner of the country and to share stories from around the world.

Cornered by Dmytro Tiazhlov