Get inspired with Melody Gilbert at the ”Inspiration Workshop”

Melody Gilbert is an independent documentary film director from the United States of America, with over 20 years of experience in film production. Melody will tutor the “Inspiration Workshop”.

This workshop will address topics that include how to most effectively tell a story, how to conduct meaningful and informative interviews, and how to navigate the relationship between subject and filmmaker. With an emphasis on originality and personal approach, the participants will build a strong starting point for their significant, socially relevant projects or develop the documentary projects they are working on. Master classes will be held during the workshop with experienced documentary producers about the European Documentary Market.

Her films include: Married at the Mall (2002), Whole (2003), A Life Without Pain (2005), Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness (2007), Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story (2009) and The Summer Help (2016). She is also the executive producer of Disconnected (2008), NUMB (2011), and American Heart (2014), and she is the producer of the award-winning film The Starfish Throwers (2014), which was named “the most heartfelt documentary of 2014” by the Huffington Post and recently won a James Beard award. Most recently Melody was the co-director of the first 3D documentary made in Bulgaria Steps in the Fire (2015) and producer/writer on Women Outward Bound (2016) as well as the director/producer/cinematographer of The Summer Help (2016).

From 2011-2015, Melody was a professor at the American University in Bulgaria ( where she was teaching the next generation of documentary filmmakers. She was also a tutor at the Balkan Documentary Center in Sofia for 5 years. Melody is currently based in Chicago and continues to make documentaries as well as teach her famous “Documentary Boot Camp” to students around the world.

Melody’s film “The Summer Help” will be screened during MOLDOX Festival. See you in Cahul!

SEPTEMBER 25-29 | CAHUL, MOLDOVA | Free Entrance