Vlad Druck’s films Special screening Q&A
August 27
Teatru „B.P. Hașdeu”
* The film is screened in the original language with Romanian subtitles
Vlad Druck
Moldova Film

Vlad Druck is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer known for the films made together with the Moldova Film studio since 1973. He studied cinematography at VGIK, Moscow, and is currently a professor of the Multimedia department at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts from Chisinau. Vlad Druck educates, motivates and inspires new generations of filmmakers, a fact for which he has great respect from his students. Druck Films School is the result of 3 decades of work with the students, who later became his colleagues.

Childhood games, 10' by Vlad Druck and Mircea Chistruga, Moldova Film, 1985

Emptiness, 27' (+16) by Vlad Druck, Moldova Film, 1989

Vive la Femme, 20’ by Vlad Druck, Moldova Film, 1989

Call them Lord back, 17' by Vlad Druck, Moldova Film, 1989