Public discussion: Generational relations and information style
August 27
Cahul, "Grigore Vieru" Park
*Only in Romanian language
Olga Gnatkova - journalist, editor at
Viorica Tătaru & Andrei Captarenco - journalists, producers of the show "Beyond the Dniester"
Vasile Ernu
There are many forms of mass media that have dominated society over time. We had generations raised and educated with the paper newspaper. They followed those that had dominated the main source radio - any citizen of the Soviet era well remembers the "tocika": the public radio that was heard on every street in the villages and cities of the USSR. The age of television followed, dominating the informational field. Recently: the main source of information has become the new online media - the Internet. What is the relationship between generations and information style? What are the risks and how they inform us depending on age, habits, traditions.