EXCURSION: Lower Prut River Valley

🌿 Discover the beauty and ecology of the Lower Prut River by taking a trip to Lunca Prutului de Jos! Organized in collaboration with our friends from Cahul.Travel, this excursion promises you a memorable experience in a spectacular natural setting.

📆 Date: June 23rd ⏰ Time: 10:00 AM 🎯 Price: 450 MDL per person (+/- 20 lei depending on the number of participants) 🚌 Departure point: “B.P. Hașdeu” Theater 📍 Places to visit: Slobozia Mare Museum, Birdwatching, Boat ride on Lake Beleu, traditional lunch and dances.

Lunca Prutului de Jos is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and impressive biodiversity. You will have the opportunity to explore the Slobozia Mare Museum, which offers an insight into the history and traditions of the area. Then, you will be able to observe various bird species through birdwatching, a true paradise for nature lovers and amateur ornithologists.

The experience continues with a relaxing boat ride on Lake Beleu, where you can admire the charming scenery and enjoy the tranquility of nature. During the excursion, you will savor a delicious lunch and be invited to join traditional dances, which will connect you with the local culture and traditions.

For reservations and further information, please contact Veronica at: +373 69 132 666.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the beauty and authenticity of Lunca Prutului de Jos!