The photographic exhibition “DUSK – The Story of a Girl with Glaucoma” unveils the story of a young woman and the impact of Glaucoma on her life.

The Moldox Festival brings to the forefront a unique and moving photography exhibition titled “DUSK – The Story of a Girl with Glaucoma,” created by the talented photographer Anastasia Suslov. This exhibition allows us to delve into the story of a young woman diagnosed with Glaucoma from birth.

Glaucoma is a chronic eye condition that affects the optic nerve and can lead to progressive vision loss. In the case of the protagonist of this exhibition, her vision has dramatically declined, reaching only 2% and continuing to diminish steadily.

Taking place from June 21st to June 25th, the exhibition takes us on a journey into the world of this young woman through captivating photographs taken by Ghervas Maxim. Each displayed image is accompanied by a powerful and emotional story conveyed by the exhibition’s heroine through stereo sound. Visitors are encouraged to bring headphones to fully immerse themselves in this experience.

“DUSK – The Story of a Girl with Glaucoma” invites the audience to discover the world through the eyes of this young woman and gain a new perspective on Glaucoma, understanding the challenges and ongoing struggle with this condition.

This unique exhibition is part of the rich and diverse program of the Moldox Festival, dedicated to documentary film and visual arts. Through films, exhibitions, and special events, the festival aims to bring together artists, film enthusiasts, and the general public, creating a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

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