Daily transport for filmgoers from the capital who want to come to MOLDOX

Documentary film goodies will be more accessible than ever at the Moldox Festival, as the organisers are providing free transport for viewers from Chisinau who want to attend the events in Cahul. The minibus will depart every day from Chisinau, providing a convenient and safe way to get to the festival.

In order to facilitate participants’ travel, the minibus will leave Chisinau at 10:00 and arrive at its destination in Cahul at approximately 13:00. The starting point will be in front of the Ministry of Health, Vasile Alecsandri Street 2, near the former cinema “Gaudeamus”.

After a day full of films and interesting events, the minibus will leave back to Chisinau at 23:00, giving participants the opportunity to return to the capital. It will arrive at approximately 2 am. The starting location for the return journey will be at 9B 31 August Street in Cahul. Departure will take place after the end of the last screening.

It is important to note that transport is free, but the number of seats available is limited. To book a place on the minibus please fill in the form or contact Veronica on 069132666.

The Moldox Festival organizers would like to point out that if there is an unforeseen change and you are unable to travel to the festival or wish to cancel your reserved place, please contact us to adjust the passenger list and give other people the chance to benefit from free transport.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the 8th edition of Moldox Festival and enjoy a memorable cinematic experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Moldova. Secure your seat in the minibus and get ready for the documentary film adventure!

For more information about the festival and the programme of events, please visit the official festival website: https://moldoxfestival.com/program-2023/