We celebrate 5 years of MOLDOX!

MOLDOX International Documentary Film Festival is back! The 5th edition will take place in September, with open air screenings, bringing, for the first time in the country, the best internationally acclaimed documentary films, selected and awarded at different world renowned film festivals. Through documentary film, MOLDOX aims at creating an international dialogue and contribute to raising awareness about social issues, beyond geographic borders or individual limitations.

And because we are turning the beautiful age of 5 years old, we want to have a cinematographic party in two capitals of the country – traditionally in Cahul (September 9-13), with 5 days and 10 of the best films, as well as in Chișinău (September 17-19), where, during three days, we want to offer the film fans from the centre of the country the possibility to taste the sweetest grapes of a Southern festival!

We create documentaries at MOLDOX Lab

At the same time, we want for Moldovan documentaries to reach far beyond our borders and this is why, this year the Inspiration workshop within MOLDOX Lab will be organized in 2 modules: the first one, in August, will take place online, and the second one – in a quiet and creative place near the town of Cahul, the perfect place for getting truly inspired. The workshop will be held by the Swedish producer Hjalmar Palmgren and the American documentary film director Melody Gilbert. It will culminate with the Pitch@MOLDOX, where the documentary film projects will be presented in front of an international jury consisting of European experts in documentary film industry, who will select four projects to take part in networking events and prestigious workshops in Europe. It is still possible to register for the workshop, by filling in this application form.

The 5th edition of MOLDOX Lab has good news for the young people eager to contribute to social change in their communities through documentary films. Therefore, for the first time, the Exploration workshop invites young people from the entire country to come to Cahul, where, together with an international tutor, they will learn how to create short documentaries about the problems in their communities. Stay tuned, we will launch the application call soon!

The Moldovan rose or a festival organized in pandemic

This year woke up on the wrong side of the bed and, angrily, blew out all of our plans! Itineraries and work plans had changed, all of us learned what is Zoom, Google Meet, we remembered our Skype passwords and spend time on the messenger “beach” together with our colleagues, friends and family. It’s a brave new world! But we didn’t lose our enthusiasm, we got ourselves together, piece by piece, and we learned how to break patterns and create new ones! We chose all the important pieces for this year’s picture, we neatly placed them on the table, we got inspired by the colours and the roses beautifully arranged on the canvas by the artist Vasiluța Vasilache and we started off on our exploration of this more than just challenging 2020.

Book the dates! Cahul: September 9-13, Chișinău: September 17-19

MOLDOX International Film Festival for Social Change was founded in 2016 and is exclusively dedicated to non-fiction films with significant social relevance. MOLDOX was created as an international film festival focused on current social issues, accessible to everyone, this is why entrance to the festival and the participation at workshops and master classes is free of charge.

The festival combines the mission of bringing cultural events to the local population by screening documentary films, with the mission of training new filmmakers, interested in creating documentaries with strong social impact, through MOLDOX Lab.