Inspiration workshop @MOLDOX Lab helps you create the best version of your documentary film!

You get inspired when you work together! Therefore, within the two modules (August 5-9 and September 9-13), the participants, with the mentorship of the tutors Hjalmar Palmgren (Sweden) and Melody Gilbert (USA), will learn how to build the best version of their films’ trailers, how to write the synopsis in a manner in which it will truly reflect the subject of the film, as well as the essential elements of documentary film scriptwriting. Also, they will have the possibility to communicate with tutors and special invitees within several individual work sessions, where they will be offered detailed feedback and recommendations.

The young film directors will benefit from international expertise and learn about all the steps in a film production process, how to present their documentary in order to attract the interest of potential co-producers and patrons, as well as about different possibilities of networking, which will ensure their films with greater visibility on the European documentary film market.

Within the workshop, the participants will also be in direct communication with different professionals in the field, like the film editor Phil Jandaly, who will conduct masterclasses on several subjects related to the production of a documentary film, as well as with successful film directors, who will talk about the path they took, step by step, in the creation of their films.

The first module will take place in an online video format, and the second one will be organized in Cahul. The workshop will conclude with one-on-one meetings, public pitching and screening of your doc project at the MOLDOX festival, where your pitch will be judged by European industry experts who will select four projects to attend networking and training programs in Europe.

This intensive documentary film development workshop is an ideal next step for more experienced filmmakers, journalists, and visual storytellers who have already identified a subject for a documentary and, ideally, have started production. So far, within the 4 years of MOLDOX Lab, 24 projects have passed through the Inspiration workshop and 10 awards have been given to networking events and not only throughout Europe by our LAB partners (Balkan Documentary Center, Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network, DOCUDAYS UA, Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, One World Romania and European Documentary Center and others).

Apply for the INSPIRATION workshop until July 15, by filling in the participation form. You can find more details about the workshop by following this link.