How to reach the international film market with your documentary film project

September 14 | 11:00

Cahul Business Incubator

The topics that will be covered at the master-class organized by B2B Doc:

  • Story development: how to make an international story from the local content?
  • The basics of documentary international co-productions – what is the market looking for?
  • How to finance your film project if there are no national funds in your country?
  • What the decision-makers and potential co-producers want to see, when you pitch them your film project?
  • What is a pitching and how to get there?
  • Different kinds of trailers, teasers, pilots – what is needed exactly at what stage of a project’s development;
  • How to find a perfect distributor and sales agent?
  • The workshop will include a case study of a recent successful Moldovan documentary, developed at B2B Doc – “The Soviet Garden”.

The workshop will be held by:

Alex Shiriaieff, the project manager for B2B Doc (Sweden).

Alex has the background from Russian TV, as well as Norwegian and Swedish public broadcasters. Since 2014 he works for B2B Doc, the informal co-production platform that helps documentary filmmakers from post-Soviet countries enter the international film market through establishing co-productions with experienced producers in Europe.

Hjalmar Palmgren, documentary producer (Sweden).

Hjalmar Palmgren has a background as Film Commissioner for documentaries at the Swedish Film Institute, Commissioning editor for doc’s on art and culture at Swedish public service broadcaster SVT and director of film funding at the Swedish Film Institute. 

Dragoș Turea, film director and producer.

Dragoș Turea made his debut in cinema with his short documentary “Vasile Mămăligă” (2007). From 2007 till 2015 he worked as a producer for Publika TV, Prime TV and Jurnal TV. In 2010 he started working on “The Soviet Garden”, his feature-length documentary film. The film recently had its world premiere at the Sarajevo Film Festival competing for the Heart of Sarajevo.


Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network – B2B Doc – is an informal co-production platform for filmmakers living and working between the Baltic Sea in the North and the Black Sea in the South. B2B Doc is a place where filmmakers – from beginners to established directors and producers – meet and exchange knowledge and help each other bring documentary stories to the international market in co-production.

• B2B Doc is a tutor: we help you professionally to develop your film project, so that you can present it to the market;
• B2B Doc is a match-maker: we put you together with colleagues from other countries, who are looking for stories like yours or need your production experience;
• B2B Doc is a financier: if a project, after training and support from us, is selected to any major co-production market, pitching session or incubator, you may apply to us for a travel grant.
• B2B Doc is NOT a production company: you must be able to produce your own film, or we can help you find a partner;
• B2B Doc is NOT a film fund: we cannot fund your production, but we can guide you to existing financial opportunities and teach you how to use them;
• B2B Doc is NOT a commercial body: we don’t charge any membership fees and you don’t pay for our services; just make a good film, remember to credit us – and we love to share your professional success!