Apply for MOLDOX LAB – filmmaking and photography labs for a social change

If you are interested in filmmaking and  photography and you care about social changes in our country, then you are expected at MOLDOX — an international film festival accessible for everyone and centered around urgent social issues. The main goal of MOLDOX is to organize an international film festival accessible to everyone and centered around urgent social issues, as well as to organize events, activities, workshops, and masterclasses dedicated to everyone who wants and can create social change through the power of documentary filmmaking (MOLDOX LAB).

MOLDOX will focus not on screening the best social documentary films from around the world, but will also promote and disseminate contemporary documentary cinema, accompany the formation of new filmmakers, and foster the creation of film projects that will have a social impact in Moldova and surrounding regions.

You can apply for  filming and photography LAB that will be coordinated by professionals in these fields.


Exploration Workshop During the 5-day intensive workshop, the participants will learn the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking including Camera and Sound Recording, Basics of Documentary Scriptwriting and Editing. The participants will apply what they learn by creating short group projects in production workshops under the guidance of their instructors. Following production and post-production of each project, the groups will screen their work in the class and will engage in discussion and constructive feedback. The finalized projects will be projected on the big screen on the closing day of the festival. APPLY HERE

Action Workshop This is a tailor-made workshop for NGO activists about how to communicate efficiently and creatively through film. Every person has a story to tell, especially someone who is working with disadvantaged groups. If you have a social and personal story to share, namely at this workshop you will learn how to effectively communicate it. Make the cause you are fighting for heard. Taught by professional filmmakers, the workshop will follow the entire filmmaking process, from writing the idea on paper to editing. Short films 1 to 3 minutes long will be made during the workshop. The finalized projects will be projected on the big screen on the closing day of the festival. APPLY HERE

Inspiration Workshop This workshop will address topics that include how to most effectively tell a story, how to conduct meaningful and informative interviews, and how to navigate the relationship between subject and filmmaker. With an emphasis on originality and personal approach the participants will build a strong starting point for their significant, socially relevant projects or develop the documentary projects they are working on. Master classes will be held during the workshop with experienced documentary producers about the European Documentary Market. APPLY HERE


Social Documentary Photography Workshop Learn and improve how to make more powerful pictures and story composition by analyzing real-life situations and managing potential problems. The workshop includes editing and caption writing and will help participants analyze their own images. The workshop will focus on practical examples and how to confront real situations when making pictures and incorporates ethical thoughts and good advice to carry with you when working with a camera in the field. APPLY HERE

Deadline for registration for applying for the workshops is August 31, 2016.  Participation is free. Participation is free. The food and accommodation are covered for all the participants at the MOLDOX LAB workshops.

MOLDOX International Documentary Film Festival for Social Change will take place in Cahul, between 25th and 29th September, 2016. It is an event organized by SVENSKA FILMSTUDIONAsociația pentru Dezvoltare Creativă and Contact Cahul.