Let the Ancestors Speak – Oral History Workshop

The Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova and the  MOLDOX Festival, are coming together to invite people interested in history of deportations in Moldova at the ”Let the Ancestors Speak” – […]

The Future of Memory – MOLDOX in partnerships

MOLDOX has become a partner of a nomad exhibition about the Holocaust which will take place in many cities from Romania, and in Chișinău. In our capital it will be held between  25 – 30 […]

MOLDOX Countryside coming soon!

While working for the application process for the next year, MOLDOX Festival team is implementing also on building partnerships and in expanding its activities. One of the activities is the “MOLDOX Countryside” project, called in Romanian “MOLDOX […]

Interview with Carl Pontus Hjorthén – the Director of MOLDOX Festival

SHORT BIO: Carl Pontus Hjorthén, as a child actor called Pontus Hjorthén Nilsson , born 23 August 1970 in Gothenburg , is a Swedish film director and actor. Hjorthén is the son of actor Carl-Ivar Nilsson and Liliane Hjorthén. In his childhood and youth, he played the son of […]

Explore with Nora Agapi at the ”Exploration Workshop”

Explore the cinema world with Nora Agapi – director of photography of the documentaries “Decoding Dacia” and “Leaving Transylvania.” A successful photographer with works published in National Geographic, Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan and other internationally renowned […]