Explore with Nora Agapi at the ”Exploration Workshop”

Explore the cinema world with Nora Agapi – director of photography of the documentaries “Decoding Dacia” and “Leaving Transylvania.” A successful photographer with works published in National Geographic, Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan and other internationally renowned publications. Nora will tutor EXPLORATION WORKSHOP.

The Exploration Workshop is geared towards young people eager to explore the film medium and give them a chance to be guided by professionals to make a short film on a social topic of their concern. It will also include team building, self-confidence, personality training and focus on increased social awareness and creative storytelling.

During the 5-day intensive workshop, the participants will learn the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking including Camera and Sound Recording, Basics of Documentary Scriptwriting and Editing. The participants will apply what they learn by creating short group projects in production workshops under the guidance of their instructors. Following production and post-production of each project, the groups will screen their work in the class and will engage in discussion and constructive feedback. The finalized projects will be projected on the big screen on the closing day of the festival.

Nora Agapi is a graduate of the National Film University in Bucharest, with an MA in Digital Arts at Athens University. She is the Director of Photography for several feature documentary films (“American Oasis: Harvesting the Sky to Live in a Dry Land”, “Decoding Dacia”, “Off The Beaten Track”, “Forest of Crocodiles”, “Low Cost”, “Leaving Transylvania”), and for many fiction and documentary shorts. A member of the Romanian Cinematographer Association, collaborating with Corbis Agency she is also an accomplished photographer, with work published in National Geographic, Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan, Elle, FHM, and 4WD. Her documentaries have been selected at top film festivals (Berlin, Rotterdam, TIFF, Astra, etc), and multiple personal and group photo exhibitions (TIAV).



Act with Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu at the “Action Workshop”

Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu is a Moldovan film director. She graduated the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin, but she always returns back home, because Moldova is her source of inspiration. During MOLDOX festival, Ana-Felicia will tutor “Action Workshop”.

This is a tailor-made workshop for NGO activists about how to communicate efficiently and creatively through film. Every person has a story to tell, especially someone who is working with disadvantaged groups. If you have a social and personal story to share, namely at this workshop you will learn how to effectively communicate it. Make the cause you are fighting for heard.

Taught by the tutor – Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu, the workshop will follow the entire filmmaking process, from writing the idea on paper to editing. Short films 1 to 3 minutes long will be made during the workshop. The finalized projects will be projected on the big screen on the closing day of the festival.

Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu was born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union. After living four years in Benin, West Africa, where she worked at the theater, she moved to Berlin and enrolled at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb).

Her short films ÎNTRE ZIDURI (BETWEEN WALLS, 2007) and HINTERHOF (BACKYARD, 2010) screened at international festivals and won numerous prizes. She shot an episode of TV doc 24H BERLIN (2009). Her film PANIHIDA won the Robert Bosch Coproduction Prize for German-Eastern European coproductions in 2010 and had its premiere at Rome International Film Festival in 2012, where it won the CinemaXXI award. ANISHOARA (2016) is her graduation film at the dffb and premiered at Filmfest München 2016.

”Action Workshop” will take place at MOLDOX Festival. See you in Cahul!


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