Every edition of the festival will focus on three urgent local and global topics. The film screenings, the activities with the local authorities and NGO’s, and the workshops this year will be centered around these topics:



    People rarely leave the land where they first saw the light of day, the family in which they are born, their childhood places. Large numbers of people abandon their beloved homes only when pushed by natural disasters, wars or exceptional phenomena. Nobody leaves willingly, and especially in mass because an exodus usually requires a great effort and hides a major tragedy. Not since the exodus of the great wars and the Stalinist era terror have they experienced a phenomenon like this.

    Recently, the Republic of Moldova has suffered from a great loss of workforce, of the active population. A fact which hides behind other political and economical causes and which produces social phenomena, leaving behind tragedies and scars in the society of the country. Families torn apart. Children who grow up by themselves. Abandoned elderly people. This fact is not specific only to the Republic of Moldova, but rather to the whole world. What are the causes and what pushes masses of people to migrate? What are the effects of the exodus? The films of this selection reflect these complex situations.


    Freedom of expression is a sensitive subject in regions and areas where this fundamental right has been violated and repressed over a long period of time. In Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, this fundamental right has a rather short history. And in this short history people feel that this right is their own, gained after much effort. Many times independence has not functioned and has not had the desired effect on politics and society. How is freedom of expression won or lost and what influence can it have on policy decisions and changing society? Here are just a few fundamental questions that underpin a democracy function. The films in this section are intended to question these important topics.


    The Republic of Moldova is a European country where a large share of the population lives in rural areas. Here people are bonded to their traditions and very much connected to their land.

    In this era of surging globalization, the land is a paradox of values for the people who live in rural areas. On the one hand, the land is the only stable source for them; it feeds them and helps them survive. On the other hand, it is the source of their 'underdevelopment' and poverty because it cannot offer more than food, cannot enrich them, cannot push them towards development in its current structure. Because the land is all that the people possess, it is the reason people stay here; but also the reason they leave. The Moldovans always face the everlasting dilemma: to stay or to go? To leave the land or to stay on to it? It is a concern we do not know how to resolve. The films of this section reflect upon these themes.

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