InterAction Workshop 2018

InterAction Workshop: Documentary Filmmaking Training for Civil Society Organization Members

If you are a social activist you might, sooner or later, think about video. It’s a powerful tool to create awareness for your cause and to bring some justice by giving a voice to people in need. In your professional life, you hear incredible stories and you see things that need to be changed and the film is a very powerful tool to do it. This workshop will give you the basic tools and contacts to plan, shoot and finalize a film.

Our focus is on short formats and online distribution. Nevertheless, we will also look at the basic principles of emotional storytelling. After the workshop, you will be ready to use film as a great outlet not only for your marketing but also to talk about your experience as an NGO worker or social activist.

If you are a filmmaker and you understand film as a tool to influence the world around you, you are invited to communicate and collaborate with people from established NGOs. Listen to their needs, their stories and share your creative power with them. Support their mission, its for a greater good.

The objective target of this workshop is to create a network and to empower you, to use film as your medium. Furthermore, we will connect you with players from the international film industry and encourage relationships with professionals, who could be potential partners in the future.

As preparation for the workshop you are invited to send us your film ideas upfront and to pitch it to our group. If your idea is convincing and feasible within our short timeframe, we will plan, shot and edit the film together and present it at the closing ceremony of the Moldox Film Festival.

Gregor Hutz was born in September ‘78 in Munich. He grew up in Umbria/Italy, and moved back to Munich in ‘89. He directed his first movie in ‘99, a feature-length documentary. Commercials and short films followed and after one year in Bangkok, Gregor Hutz moved back to Berlin, to study at the German Film- and Television Academy (dffb). He graduated in ‘10 with the documentary “Land of Joy”, premiered at Torino Film Festival in 2011.


Level: Intermediate

Language: English

Deadline for applications: 25th of July, 2018

Fee: no charge

Number of participants: 10-12

Target participants: documentary filmmakers and NGO members and Civil Society Organization members from Moldova who either have or do not necessarily have experience in filmmaking.

Selection criteria:

Age: 18+

Nationality: Republic of Moldova

How to apply?

The requested materials ARE:

– CV resume (1 page maximum);

– the application document, to be completed in English;

– a previous work and edited sequences (for applicants with a project in process).

For more information please contact:

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