Advanced Women Filmmakers

To reach the universal through the personal. Advanced workshop for female directors with a project. Stories by women are often said to be too personal or not universal enough. Johanna says the opposite. By emphasizing the personal in your storytelling you create films to which most people can relate. By including your own voice as a filmmaker, whether directly or indirectly, your unique perspective gives the viewer a stronger contact with the subject. This way a personal story can become universal and reach a larger audience. The personal is not the opposite of the political.

This workshop includes feedback on and development of your own documentary project, practical exercises to find your personal voice (using own equipment), watching and discussing films and network building.

The importance of increasing the number of women storytellers and female main characters can’t be underestimated. By excluding the female side of the (hi)story you just address half of the population and you leave the other half unheard.

Bring your own camera or smartphone and your computer with an editing program.

Johanna-Bernhardson-2017JOHANNA BERNHARDSON is a director and producer of documentary and experimental films. She has a Master in Fine Arts in Set Design from HDK – School of Design and Crafts, and a Master in Film from the Gothenburg University.

Johanna Bernhardson was born in 1974 and grew up in Hisingen, Gothenburg. She started in film working with the set design for Roy Andersson’s Songs from the Second Floor 1996-2000. She started making documentary shorts in 2003 and is currently working on several films and TV series.

Johanna Bernhardson’s films take place close to herself and her family. Although the films are very personal, yet they touch upon universal themes. Her films have been screened at Swedish TV and at national and international film festivals. She is specialized in the short documentary format and in essay films. Johanna is currently teaching at art and film schools in Gothenburg. She is the initiator of the workshop ”A Part of Myself” held at women’s prisons in Sweden and is one of two founders of ”Documentary Storytelling with a Personal Voice” held in Tbilisi since 2015.


Language: English

Deadline for applications: 10 September, 2017

Fee: no charge

Number of participants: 7

Level: advanced

Target participants: women – professional filmmakers from Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine who have experience in documentaries

Selection criteria:

Age: 18+

Nationality: Republic of Moldova

How to apply?

The requested materials – to be submitted all together in one PDF – are:

– an updated CV (2 pages maximum);

– the application form, to be completed in English;

– a project synopsis (1 page maximum);

– a previous work and edited sequences (for applicants with a project in process).

For more information please contact:


Inspiration Workshop 2017 will take place in 1 module, from 23th to 28th of September, the participation for all these days is compulsory.


This workshop will address topics that include how to most effectively tell a story, how to conduct meaningful and informative interviews, and how to navigate the relationship between subject and filmmaker. With an emphasis on originality and personal approach the participants will build a strong starting point for their significant, socially relevant projects or develop the documentary projects they are working on. Master classes will be held during the workshop with experienced documentary producers about the European Documentary Market.


  • Participants apply with their original documentary projects in production or development stage.
  • Participants are citizens of the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine.
  • Participants are proficient in English.
  • Participants have at least 2 years of experience in filmmaking.
  • The topic of the films must have a strong social topic.

The participation at the workshop is free of charge. Accommodation and meals are covered by MOLDOX LAB.

Participant’s details:

Project details:


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