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If you are a social activist you might, eventually, think about video. It is a powerful tool to create awareness for your cause and to bring some justice by giving to the people in need a voice. In your daily professional life, you hear incredible stories, you see things that need to be changed, and film is a very powerful tool to do it. This workshop will give you the basic tools to plan, shoot and distribute your film. The focus is more on viral web-videos. Nevertheless, we will also look at the basic principles of emotional storytelling. After the workshop, you will be ready to use film as a great outlet not only for your marketing, but also for you to tell about your experience as an NGO worker or social activist.

Gregor Hutz

As part of the workshop, we will connect you with experienced filmmakers and will encourage relationships to professionals, who could be potential partners for your film project.

In addition, we give you a brief insight of how films are financed and distributed off- and online.

Gregor Hutz was born in September 1978 in Munich/Germany. He grew up in Umbria/Italy, but moved back to Munich in 1989. He directed his first movie in 1999, a feature-length documentary. Commercials and short films followed and after one year in Bangkok, Gregor Hutz moved to Berlin, to study at the German Film- and Television Academy (dffb). He graduated in 2011 with the documentary “Land of Joy”. He works as director for industry films, commercials and documentaries. His last film, “Stop Styling” is a portrait of the most influential product designer from former GDR and is currently in distribution.


Language: English

Deadline for applications: 10th of September

Fee: no charge

Number of participants: 10

Level: intermediate

Target participants: NGO members and Civil Society Organization members from Moldova who either have or do not necessarily have experience in filmmaking.

Selection criteria:

Age: 18+

Nationality: Republic of Moldova

How to apply?

The requested documents are:

– an updated CV (2 pages maximum);

– the application form filled in English.

For more information please contact:


Please submit the filled in application to by 10 September 2017.
Inspiration Workshop 2017 will take place in 1 module, from 23th to 28th of September, the participation for all the days is compulsory.

This is a tailor-made workshop for NGO activists about how to communicate efficiently and creatively through film. Every person has a story to tell, especially someone who is working with disadvantaged groups. If you have a social and personal story to share, namely at this workshop you will learn how to effectively communicate it. Make the cause you are fighting for heard.

– Participants apply with a short concept of a documentary film on a social topic;
– Participants are citizens of the Republic of Moldova;
– Participants are proficient in English;
– Participants work with media within the NGO’s they are members of NGOs;
– The topic of the films must have a strong social topic.

The participation at the workshop is free of charge. Accommodation and meals are covered by MOLDOX LAB.

Participant’s details:

Project details:


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