How did we selected the documentaries for MOLDOX – Interview with Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic

Anca Păunescu and Oliver Sertic were in charge of selecting the documentaries for the MOLDOX Festival. They watched all the movies that will be on the screens of MOLDOX – International Documentary Film Festival for the Social Change, that is taking place in Cahul now. Check on the criteria that the programmers took into consideration while choosing the documentaries in the interview bellow. 

MOLDOX: Please, tell the Moldovan audience more about yourself.

Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic: ”We are programmers of the very first edition of the Moldox festival and we are very excited we got that possibility from the director of the festival Maxim Cârlan. Currently, both living in Berlin, travelling around and watching a lot of documentaries through the year.”

MOLDOX: What is your main role at MOLDOX International Film Festival for Social Change in Moldova?

Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic: ”We are programmers, advisors and more or less everything Maxim asks us to do. If we would need to clean the place and do the electricity at Moldox, we would do so.”

MOLDOX: Will you be present at the festival? /will MOLDOX bring you for the first time in Moldova?

Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic: ”Of course. We are very happy to participate at Moldox as programmers but more than that as friends of the festival. We are looking forward to seeing your country and meeting people for the first time. And of course, we want to drink more of this famous Moldavian wine.”

MOLDOX: Please, tell us more about the movies you have selected for the festival.

Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic: ”The documentaries were selected from all over the world around the 3 main topics. Exodus, Freedom of Expression and Land and People are three hugely important topics nowadays in many parts of the world with their similarities and differences.

Our aim was both, to bring to the Moldavian audience documentaries of high quality, that were screened and awarded at many prestigious international festivals, but also to give the public the occasion to see realities of different people from different countries facing similar issues and the ways they deal with them.

We can’t really point a specific film at this time as each of them is treating the topics in a unique and highly creative way.”

MOLDOX: What is the expected impact of the movie on the local audience?

Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic: ”Documentaries can really open your eyes, make you think about the things you didn’t think before and make you highly emphatise with the characters. Documentaries open the world to us, and after all make us react in everyday life. This is what documentaries are doing to us as well. Teamed up with interesting discussions we believe people might enrich or change their views on certain topics. What would be really fantastic is if local people inspired by films and panels would discuss it more broadly later, gather to work together around important issues and try to bring real social change in the community.”

MOLDOX: Please, give us three reasons Moldovans should watch the movies you programmed for the first edition of the festival.

Anca Paunescu and Oliver Sertic: ”Addressing local issues viewed in a larger spectrum is also an invitation to see, feel, reflect and discuss, as we consider that the beginning of any real social change or improvement lies in the awakened consciousness.”


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